Diesel Train Air Horn 12/24V

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Complete with dual mounted, 12/24v solenoids as shown. Plus small 100mm airline tail for connection into your vehicle. 6mm Airline Fitting.

300mm fly-lead also attached for power.

These horns require air to operate, if your vehicle does not have an air supply then you will not be able to fit these horns without a compressor and air tank.

Multi-volt, will work flawlessly on both 12v and 24v systems.

Horns require a minimum of 80PSI to operate at full capacity. 

All metal bracket, solenoid assembly and back plate, the trumpets themselves are plastic. 

These horns are designed to be a vehicle enhancement for show use. They should be installed on a dedicated isolation switch and able to be turned off.

These horns output a massive 170 decibels of noise, we do not recommend standing too close to them. As a point of reference a Military jet aircraft take-off from aircraft carrier with afterburner at 50 ft is 130 decibels. At 150 decibels there is a possibility of eardrum rupture.

True 2 tone sound, just like a train.

Horn comes with one year, return to base warranty. Limited to the parts only.

Scope of supply as shown in picture

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