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The Magic Bullet™ Diesel 600ml is specially designed to restore lost performance in your Diesel Engine,

The Magic Bullet™ technology allows your engine to run cooler and smoother in a city driving environment, keeps EGR valves, DPF’s and fuel lines clean, reduce greenhouse gases, increase fuel economy and reduce maintenance costs, and save you money in the long term. Magic Bullet™ is non-chemical based fuel treatment provides long term protection, will not damage your engine like chemical based products. (One 600ml bottle treats 110 liters of fuel).

It is self mixing, so you can put ‘Magic Bullet™Diesel’ into your tank at any time. Once added it to your fuel tank, the magic should start working after a few miles driving. If your engine is seriously coked up with carbon deposit, you may need a longer driving period to feel the full benefit of Magic Bullet™.

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